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    Wttf kevin durant/chris paul rookie cards

    just looking to start off with some lower end base rc's. I have 3 sports available ft, only have 2 durant rc's and they are both out of a boxed set. i currently have zero paul rc's.
    LMK what you have and who you are looking for or CMB.

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    no paul or durant but u can check me for the garnett/lebron dual, need it to complete my set

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    07-08 Artifacts Exclusives #223 RC
    07-08 SP Rookie Edition™ #61 RC
    07-08 SP Rookie Edition #106
    07-08 Topps WHITE # 2 of 14 RC
    07-08 Topps #112 RC™
    07-08 Topps #112 RC™ VARIATION
    07-08 Hot Prospects NOTABLE NEWCOMER #NN1 RC
    07-08 UD First Edition #202 RC

    interested with the kobe gus and the kg/lebron gu...
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    I have Durant's Fleer RC and Paul's Bowman, Topps Style and Upper Deck Slam RCs...your bucket is giving me trouble loading, so I'm looking for Kevin Garnett mainly, but will also consider Timberwolves and Bulls. LMK.

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    thedecision ryu- just so you know the lebron/kg game used has factory damage on one of the letters where the jersey swatch is.

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