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    New Users

    Back at it with another Rant! and it's been happening to me more and more with new users.....

    Why can't new SCForum members be bothered to leave to feedback? You leave them positive feedback to build their rep like the rest of us and then whala, no feedback returned! Annoying!.... I get to stare at Awaiting XXXXXXXXX feedback
    meanwhile Feedback left by DwightWall122. What gives?

    Also, user XXXXXXX says ok good deal post it up and I'll confirm/pay when I get home later, off work later, blah blah. All day passes and you clearly see they have been active on the forums and back at home. Doesn't matter if you send them PM's reminding them of the deal or to confirm and pay up because you just get ignored. Annoying!

    Awaiting User's Confirmation!!!!!

    Not calling anyone out at all just speaking generally because it has happened to me in the past and wondered if I was the only one.....End of Rant! Thoughts?
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    It's not just the new members that seem to have a hard time leaving feedback. I know of a couple that are over halfway through the Superstar rank, 200-399, as far as what they have received, and one has left just under 50% & the other has left 15% of the feedback they owe.
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