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    U.S. Beats Sweden for World Junior Title

    UFA, Russia (AP) — The United States won the world junior hockey championship on Saturday after Rocco Grimaldi scored twice and Vincent Trocheck added an empty-net goal for a 3-1 victory over Sweden in the final.
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  2. Kronozio
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    Zero discussion of this on SCF? Weak sauce...
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    unfortunately i look at it this way for why there hasnt been a discussion.
    Lockout. The casual hockey fan here in the states doesnt even now the tournament is happening.
    NHL network being the only channel to carry it.
    Being played in Russia and the crazy starting times.
    The disappointing appearance of Canada there has kept their fans from even talking about it.
    U.S. wins and plays some great exciting hockey and gets a 1min clip on ESPN...
    instead they would rather talk about a tattoo that Rex Ryan has

    Ive played hockey all my life and love the NHL. I am glad to see U.S. hockey progressing the way it has lately. Just wish more people over here cared.
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    US was the team I had to win it all, Russia Second, Sweden Third, and Canada fourth... Canada was way overhyped, and didn't perform when needed. Canada isn't the dominant country anymore; the other countries have better top end players, and it's a POSITIVE growing trend. I loved the competitive contests.

    Now, speaking of surprises:
    Finland was in the relegation round
    Germany took Slovakia to OT
    And, in my opinion the most shocking one... Only one team didn't have a regulation loss in the entire tournament: Switzerland

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    ESPNBA didn't even have this on their website on the day it happened.

    Good Grief they are most unprofessional.

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