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    96-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection set finally completed!

    The last card, Reggie Miller Row 2 came around Christmas and now the set is complete 5 years after I started it. I think thatīs it for me, the Hobby isnīt that much fun anymore these days.

    Row 2 #/150

    Row 1 #/150

    Row 0 #/150

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    Awesome set collection!

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    wow, I initially thought it was just the row 2 set, then I scrolled down. Unbelievable maste set.

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    That is awesome! Thanks for the scans. 96/97 Flair was one of the first serial numbered sets - right? I thought about doing the Legacy collection too, but I soon found out it would be too expensive for me. Congrats! Nice job!
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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    Yeah, Flair Showcase Legacy cards were actually the first serial numbered set. It was released some weeks before the E-X2000 cards with Credentials.
    I love these cards and everytime when I look at them it brings back souvenirs from the past.

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    WOW. Congrats! Now you have to update that sig!

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    Oh my! That is spectacular!!!

    Congratulations on completing it.

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    That is amazing! I loved that set as a kid. One of the best 90's sets to own. I am in aww of your greatness as a collector. Not only does it take great patience, but also a great paypal account. Never sell it!

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