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    I think he was refering more to the fee the rookie may charge to autograph stuff compared to the star just in small numbers that make sense.

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    the hobby as people know it (even from 5 years ago) is broken. so many products...extreme dilution of autos, "memorabilia" cards, 1/1's, etc

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    Probably the same reason why people want new cars even though most of them are total junk. The card companies brain wash people into wanting what is hot so if they collect only what is hot then they will be forced to buy new product every year because a new "hot" guy comes along. It is a never ending cycle that if it did then new stuff would probably stop being made.
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    Makes sense pwaldo, one thing i just do not get is the box of one pack that has three hits and two base cards, why even do the base cards if you are going that route. I would love to get one of those packs one day just for the excitment of openinng it up, but then when I do on that rare get a brady jersey card or the Steven Ridley from the retail rack packs I just do not see those as being as exciting as the are to find.

    Way back in the early mid nineties finding the jersey card was like one in a case and was exciting to find, I agree that there is to much out there now though. Is there any difference in a limited card of 250 signed by Gale Sayers and Jim brown that was made in 2005 to a card signed by the duo today limited to a run of 250?

    A good example of why rookies is not fun is to look at the blast from the past 2002 hot list thread. 75 for a David Carr rookie , given it also has Bradys for 25

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    everyone knows to not buy rookies their first year but, we still do. The hypes gets to me all the time. When you watch the game and they make impressive plays. You have to admit the hobby is better now than in 1992-1998 when all sets were mass produced but there were not as many cool cards in the packs.

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    Well I think the person that said everyones looking for the next Brady is wrong. If that were the case then people would going nuts to buy up the QBs, RBs, and WRs that were drafted either late or were undrafted. But they don't they buy up all the top draft picks. I remember back in 09 I was buying Arian Foster Bowman Sterling autos for a few bucks each and got the /5 for $15-20. I was able to get them because he was an undrafted free-agent that noone but us UT Vol fans saw any promise in and everyone was busy buying Beanie Wells and Knowshon Moreno for insane prices.

    Sadly for most this isn't a hobby, its a way to put money in their pockets and thats what drives the companies to make all these crap products and the push for rookie focused products. Honestly 99.9% of the rookies produced in the last 20 years will have no long term value. These cards being produced today will be worth less than the cards of the early-mid 90s. Also with the high-end products I really don't see much of a future for this hobby. Kids don't want to buy topps and Score. heck if the best hits were only availabe in $300+ packs I would have never bought cards as a kid. For kids part of the thrill is the chance to pull the best cards of the year and for the past 10 year that has become impossible. They can't go to the stor buy a pack for a few bucks and pull a KenGriffey Jr rc, a Michael Jordan rc, or Joe montana Rc. They can still get rookies but those rookies won't have the desirability or value of the rookies I named and could pull as a kid.

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    rookies have the most desire when they first come out. they have the most upside dollar potential. thats how it is for the majority with cards these days. the rest are just trying to pick them up while they are still cheap and theres plenty floating around. they hold the most value.

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    I disagree that cards the past 20 years will not hold any long term value. Look at 2001, Brees Vick and Tomlinson all hold value and there were many sets that year. Brady from 2000 is worth tons. From 2002, Ed Reed has great hobby. From 2003, Andre J and Polamalu are solid. From 2004 Eli & Ben are solid.

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    I've been collecting rc's since I opened my first pack of cards in '86. I've just always liked getting a players first card. Now, I don't collect every players rc, but I do chase big names, and have been actively adding to my retired/vintage rc collection. And I also collect for the hobby, not for profit, so I won't go out and spend $150+ on a box just to pull a Mark Sanchez auto.

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    agreed. Also the trading forum has been overrun for a few months with almost nothing but "Looking for RG3,Luck,Wilson" posts to the point where I rarely bother looking at other posts besides mine.
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