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    Don't hate. I am just being honest. If the Steelers were headed to Denver I would still pick the Broncos. Just keepin' it real :confused0024:

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    if its the ravens that played last week then i find it hard to say the broncos have this in the bag. regardless of who wins this should be a really good game

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    ravens, peytons neck going to freeze-up[high temp 20]
    he"s used to the dome this time of year,had a hard time in cold in new england
    in years past
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    The other QB might have some problems in the cold also. have to go with the Broncos, even if Mr manning does not have great game they will win

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    Quote Originally Posted by duane1969 View Post
    Broncos. Hands down. Peyton is at home and has had 2 weeks to prepare for this one. And the Ravens have Flacco...

    Broncos 34 - Ravens 16
    Something we agree about!
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    Tied right now at 14-14......
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    Gonna be a showdown! Ill take the broncos in this one! Decker and thomas both gonna have good games!
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    Champ is getting exposed right now, he is not fast enouph for Smith, they should have known that.

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