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    Thanks for the pm.

    So here are my requests:


    LJ Hoes - 1 card each

    Red Sox

    John Farrell - 1 card each
    Juan Nieves - 1 card each


    Mike Harkey - 1 card each
    Tony Pena - 1 card each


    Colome - 1 card each

    Blue Jays

    Dave Bush - 1 card each
    Eugenio Vélez - 1 card each


    Rick Porcello - 1 card each
    Matt Tuiasosopo - 1 card each


    Nick Blackburn - 1 card (I am fine if he personalizes it) each
    Joe Mauer - 1 card( I am fine if he personalizes it) each
    Ryan Doumit - 1 card each
    Glen Perkins - 1 card each


    Trevor Crowe - 1 card each


    Placido Polanco - 1 card each
    Chris Coughlin - 1 card each


    Bobby Parnell - 1 card each
    Ruben Tejeda - 1 card each


    Zach Miner - 1 card each


    Mike Aldrete - 1 card each
    Daniel Descalso - 1 card each

    Thanks a bunch.

    When is your deadline on needing them?

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    Hey man, great to see that you're back trying at it again like last year, hope you have no problems this time. As for 50/50s, here's my list:

    Philip Humber
    Daniel Descalso
    Lance Lynn
    Jose Tabata
    Denard Span
    David Wright (from the 50/50 list)
    Ryan Roberts
    Joe Mauer (from the 50/50 list)
    Julio Teheran
    Gerald laird
    Placido Polanco
    Drew Storen
    Tyler Clippard
    Steve Lombardozzi Jr.
    Matt Carpenter
    Mike Matheny

    Consignment (Jeter or Freese, please PM me)

    I may have more later, but wanted to get these out now. LMK what you can do, thanks again!

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    Just sent you a PM, interested in sending you some 8x10s and 16x20s.

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    Replied to all the PMs sorry for the delay guys. There still a bunch of minor leaguers avalible (these are the guys that will probably have the best rate of Successful returns!)

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    Hey man i didnt get a reply to my pm. Dont know if you missed me. Thanks

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    Sorry about that, no i didnt forget you just forgot to reply to the pm i did however lock you in for the players you request. Thanks again!
    Quote Originally Posted by WSCards5 View Post
    Hey man i didnt get a reply to my pm. Dont know if you missed me. Thanks

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    In response to your PM, yes, one for each of us.

    Your PM box is full, btw.

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    When you get a chance, please respond to my pm, I have a package ready to go when you confirm and we post a trade.


    Working on autographed 1987 Topps Baseball set:
    Total Cards in Set:792/Total Autographable: 760 (6 Checklists, 26 Team Leaders)
    Total Autographed:605!
    Currently Sent (Outstanding):71
    Percent Complete:79.6

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