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    Quote Originally Posted by WSCards5 View Post
    Yeah he sent me the same text about the Twins Prospects, but havent heard back since
    Got the same text as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain View Post
    Got the same text as well

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    anybody heard anything? havent gotten a text back

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    Would anyone mind sharing his number so I can text him?

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    Got a text from him last night with an updated on Nats, Marlins, Astros, and Mets

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    hey guys sorry for not updating here but the last 2 weeks have been kinda busy with family and spring training just have time to eat and sleep lol i did send a text to everyone that has sent me 50/50s i was able to get started a little early on feb 11th did a week of the red sox and twins (these are my local teams) and then last week i did a trip with a friend of mine and we hit the cardinals, marlins, mets, nationals and astros i plan to do another trip in mid march for the minor league games i might get lucky and get a few major leaguers who are playing in minor league games to get in extra practice i will keep all posted on who i get on that trip as well. i do plan to try to get to some games from teams i havent seen yet like the tigers and braves and a few nats games also please keep this in mind that the WBC is going to really screwing up ST this year and alot of Guys that you guys sent 50/50s or consignments for will be leaving for there respective teams March 1st (this friday).....also i did forget one Very Important rule for the 50/50 when i posted this thread that i have run into this year alot of players (major league mostly) are doing 1 per so if you send doubles of a card and i only end up getting one signed since i am doing the work here i will keep the signed one and send back the unsigned one i just want every to keep this in mind if you sent doubles (same card) of major league players...if you sent 2 different cards of major league players and specified which one you wanted back and the player signs that card and i dont get the other card signed then i will send the signed one back and keep the unsigned card...hope everyone understands this i dont see doubles of the same card being a problem for the minor league players most are very cool and willing to sign. Thanks again guys im really happy to help you all out and ill try to get on here to update at least once a week the next 4 weeks

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    Thanks for the update, I didn't see the Phillies in your recap or plans, when do you plan on getting to their spring training?


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    Hey guys sorry about the back up in my mail box i cleared it out so anyone that was trying to reach me can do so now.

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