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    Newbie overwhelmed on what to buy

    Hello. I collected sports cards back in the 80's like all kids did growing up in that decade. I have since gotten rid of all my cards years ago (except Michael Jordan cards). I'm looking to get back into collecting cards but just don't know where to start. It is amazing to me looking on the 'bay and seeing all the different kinds of cards these days. I remember back in the day it was just a few manufacturers of cards and now there seems to be so many branches of the top brands I don't even know where to begin. I am a huge football fan (GO BEARS!) and second comes basketball. I'm not really into baseball or hockey. I am hoping some of you can give me a direction on what to be looking for. It seems that the autograph and patch cards seem to be huge favorites. Where do all you guys buy your cards? Target? Walmart? Do you buy them in packs or complete boxes?



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    Bob welcome to the site. I'm a dinosaur, when I grew up there was one card company (I think). I hate to think of the value of all the cards that went through the spokes of my bike as a kid. I collect mainly patch/jersey cards with an occasional cert. I think I'm better off buying on the bay or through a site like this the cards I want. I've never hit the lottery so I figure buying packs/boxes/cases would be a lost cause. But I'm itching to bust just one case. Again welcome to the site.


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    am like you but i once had a shop got out when the companies flooded the retail outlets. today the hobby packs and retail pack often have totally different insert and even cards. take strata 2012 the retail and hobby rookies have totally different pictures. it also matters if there is a shop in your city. me there isn't so i either only get retail or buy online. the best thing to do is find a six or seven trade friends here some that collect different players than you do. that helps cause if collect same guy often going after same stuff. but like my best traders we often see something and trade for it KNOWING the other guy needs it. that is after asking first if needs it.

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    Just be warned if you buy something at the store expecting to get an autograph or patch card then you will sink a lot of money into this hobby. You would be better off finding something you like on here or eBay and just buying the patch or autograph card you want. Better to let somebody else take the financial risk instead of getting kicked in the teeth while pulling nothing you want.
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    And buy to collect not to resell.because unless you have about 10 certain players from all sports you will be sitting on cards for most of your life
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    Hey Bob, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!


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    Welcome to SCF.

    I'm similar to you - I was really into the hobby, then my interest faded for a while (mid 00s). Then the Habs drafted Carey Price and I got into it all over again.

    You can find blasters at Wal mart, though I wouldn't expect to get much in those. I've pulled a few goodies but they're few and far in between. Certified blasters aren't bad though. You're better off checking your local card store for boxes, or instead scouring Ebay and especially this site (you'll find TONS to buy) for singles and save some money in the long haul.

    But sometimes, there's nothing better than busting wax. Good luck collecting!

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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm gonna go through my favorite players and make a list of what I want.

    Is there a good source to check the images of cards?

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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

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