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    Will Upperdeck ever get the NFL licsence back?

    Does anyone know if Upperdeck will ever try to get the NFL liscense back. I really miss their product. I know they have the college stuff but it just is not the same to me. Are they barred from life from using the NFL or just dont want the NFL market anymore. i know they owed a ton of money sometime and somewhere.

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    If there was one sport I could see them getting their license back it would be football. Football already has multiple licenses so why not let in another one when they are financially stable?
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    I could see them getting it back some day. Personally, I like their approach with football cards. They only have a few products and the college uniforms are a change of pace. Panini has around 20 products right now, which is just too many. It dilutes the value of the cards down.

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    I agree that Panani has to many different sets out there, kind of why I want UD back. Plus i want another large cheap high quality set besides Topps and Score. Linebackers and O linemen need morwe love. I collect Michael Oher he has a ton of rookies but just a handful of basecards since his rookie year.

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    I love the college stuff. It switches it up from the normal unis. I really wouldn't mind a set with the players all in throwback unis

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    I'd much rather have UD get its license back and Panini lose theirs. Panini has no idea how to make a good product and are just out to make as much moey as possible while keeping manufacturing prices as low as possible. I'm still upset that they changed Contenders from Playoff to Panini. When did football teams start playing for sandwiches and stop caring about the playoffs???
    Panini is a joke and needs to be run out of football as soon as possible.

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    I don't like UD tbh. I know a lot of people do, and for that I think it will get back into it. However as someone already said I would like to see Panini cut down on it's products..

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    The only way UD will ever get thier license back is if it can some way benefit the NFL (money, money, money)
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    considering they are making just as much without the license i doubt they will get it back. doesnt make business sense

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    I don't know. It's true that it is all about money but you guys remember what happened right? Remember this all came about because UD outbid Topps and Panini for an NFL exclusive license. Remember the articles about how there would be no more Topps football sets for the first time in 6 decades? Well UD made a huge bid, but when the time came, they couldn't come up with the cash. Money talks, but the NFL was none too happy with that deal.

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