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    Looking to trade my cards for your video games!

    Havent been on here in a while! Looking to get out of collecting by trading and/or selling I have many mid range and a few higher end items for trade.

    I would be looking for games on the following systems:
    -Xbox & Xbox 360
    -Playstation 2 & Original Playstation
    -Nintendo Entertainment System
    -Sega Genesis

    I would also be interested in a Nintendo 64 console. PC from collection is avalable.

    UPDATE****: Here are my tradelists:
    Football Tradelist // Basketball Tradelist/PC
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    What kind of games are you interested in?

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    Yes, what games are you interested in? I have games such as these for xbox 360

    Fifa 12
    Call of Duty MW3
    Saints Row
    UFC Unleashed 2010

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    cavsfan - I am interested in many genres of games, if you have a list I'm sure I can find something that I would be interested in. I'm not too hard to please.

    WHyFLy - I would be interested in MW3 and Saints Row, and I already own Skyrim

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