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    I'm glad NHL hockey is back, but....

    Like everyone else, I'm glad the NHL is back, but, I was really frustrated with the lockout and everything that came with it. I actually came back to the hobby in the 04-05 lockout year, but the summer after, so I didn't really experience it then. For some reason, I didn't like the feel of this lockout from start to finish. I also don't like the idea of coming back to the hobby full strength to prop up the NHL. After all, the NHL is not the be all end all of hockey.

    I don't know what any of you are planning to do, but here are my plans for at least one year.
    • No purchasing of NHL licensed paraphernalia including: Hockey cards, jerseys, hats, etc.
    • No watching of live or any NHL level hockey game or clip that would provide advertisement or "eyeball" revenue to the NHL (for example, through CBC or TSN)
    • No purchasing or trading for any 12-13 NHL licensed hockey card product

    My dollars might not be much or mean much, but I really don't want to reward them for bringing back their business. I'll have to see how I feel about them a year from now.

    Is this too harsh? Not enough?

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    I'm doing the opposite. I'm upping my support.

    Both sides want to make money, it's a job, it's a career. Yes, we are talking about millions of dollars, but if you were to scale the salaries down to something such as education, which I've been through two education "lockouts" myself, it's over the same basis, but almost flipped.

    Is it frustrating? Yes. It's a business though, and we can't forget that. All parties want to make money. Could this have been done earlier? Yep. Remember, the NHL wanted to start negotiating last year to avoid this, but the players said no (Before you say the players said they'd play, go look at Fehr's history with strikes).

    All-in-all, the fan card was played a lot by both sides, but in the wrong way a lot of times mainly due to the pressure of the media. Both sides have said it at one point or another that the media has frustrated them, and, in reality, the media being so persistent led to a deal not being done sooner. End of story.

    So, while most people are going to limit their support, I'm upping mine this year. I love hockey, I love the NHL. No matter how much you can hate on it for it's lockouts, it's a business. One that is unique from any other in existence.
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    I'm selling everything I can get my hands on. When the smoke clears, I will buy ONE Red Wing T-Shirt at a deeply discounted price.

    I still do not plan on opening any boxes unless I can get something from 01-02 or 02-03 for under $20.00 Bucks. I will probably grab a birthday present for a friend from LA Kings Fanatics - He does not have an SC Champs shirt and I have to find one in 3 X Fat.

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    I don't think it's harsh of you to limit your spending, after all the NHL treats its fans like crap. Ticket prices will rise (especially here in Toronto - absolutely ridiculous prices for a mediocre team) and the fans are expected to come grovelling back.

    Personally, I'll probably see only 1 Habs regular season game providing the tickets/prices are good. Usually I'd save for 3-4 trips to Montreal and a couple to Buffalo, but not this year. I'll still watch every game on TV though as I haven't cancelled my RDS subscription.

    Is it true the NHL is making gamecenter free for this season? Any confirmation of that?

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    Basically no NHL merch or tickets for me. I regret buying any NHL trading card boxes in 2012/13. Big mistake. I was going to ask for a Leafs t-shirt for Christmas but the whole negotiations infuriated me so I asked for a Jays t-shirt instead.

    Will be watching on TV though. I can't miss NHL hockey on TV especially Leafs and Canucks games.
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    I will be watching hockey not going to any games and not buying any sirts or jerseys ect. I will be buying Pittsburgh Pirates Stuff as I think they will be a contending team very soon. Laugh all you want because I say the same thing every year.

    I will collect and trade cards. I may open a few boxes of 12-13 when the big rookies are in.

    So bascially only cards nothing else hockey. Its bad when I buy Pirates stuff over Hockey but they have it comming to them!
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    This hobby makes me happy, most of the time. I think the thought of not busting boxes or cheering for my favorite players is more a punishment for me than for the NHL or NHLPA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearshot View Post
    This hobby makes me happy, most of the time. I think the thought of not busting boxes or cheering for my favorite players is more a punishment for me than for the NHL or NHLPA.
    I agree!!

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    Like others have's a buisness..just like the millions of other buisnesses out there. If Tim Hortons went on strike or had a lockout, I wouldn't stop buying their food. And I'm pretty sure everyone else wouldn't be angry at them either.
    In my opinion, the problem is, that hockey fans think that the NHL owes them's hard to explain, but the people that make their living with the NHL are the ones suffering..they are the ones that deserve something from the NHL..NHL hockey isn't a right's a privledge. I understand that without fans there is no money, but it's a buisness and the owners have a right to lock players out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clearshot View Post
    This hobby makes me happy, most of the time. I think the thought of not busting boxes or cheering for my favorite players is more a punishment for me than for the NHL or NHLPA.
    My thoughts exactly, while everyone feels differently I am just happy hockeyis back and I can watch some games again

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