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    I say do what you think is right for you. The NHL takes its fans for granted, that much is obvious. Not a shot at the owners or players - it's both. Thing is.... history shows them they can do it. Twice there has been a lockout, and twice the fans have come back.

    Myself, I likely won't be at NHL games this year..... but most seasons I never get to more than 1 or 2 anyway. Not any sort of protest, just don't think I'll get to any. Will still be hitting up a few OHL games before the end of the season, but would have done that anyway. Likelyhood of me getting to any AHL has just dropped.... was planning to get to both the OKC games when they come to Hamilton & Toronto in the spring, I doubt I'll bother with the Marlies game now.... and just see them in Hamilton.

    As for the hobby, my habbits hadn't really changed while the lockout was on.
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    Everyone is going to take their own route whether they choose how to show their displeasure and that is fine. I hate the business side of things as much probably everyone does, but I love the game. While some will choose to watch less or none at all, I'm not going to deprive myself of watching a game I love at a high skill level. I wouldn't be doing myself any favours after starving for some NHL hockey since July. Sure there is the OHL and AHL, but its not quite the same for me even though they still have great hockey. I decided that I won't be buying any merchandise although since I love card collecting, I may buy some UD2 depending on the YGs.
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    I will be taking advantage of any deals the Blue Jackets have. Cheap tickets, autograph signings, cool give aways...etc

    the Jackets are all I have here in Columbus and Im glad they are back

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    I'll be doing my usual 3 or 3 trips to the Joe for some Wings games
    Usually make a road trip for a game in Philly, gotta see the new schedules though and pick a good game

    And new this year is a road trip to Columbus to cheer for Bobs!!! Guess I'll have to pick up a new jersey too, at least the Blue Jackets 3rd jerseys are nice so that won't be horrible having to buy one.

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    I am happy hockey is back. I am disappointed in the way things were handled by both sides. The people that lost the most was anyone associated with support services of the Hockey Venue. The NHL does not owe me anything but I will be damned if I support them in any way.

    I will continue to buy ITG products since they do not have a license. I used to do road trips of NHL stadiums but will put that on hold for this season. I will not buy any NHL products. But I will watch them on TV.
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    I'll watch games, but not go to any, nor buy any merchandise.

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    I'm not sure but avoiding televised games or ads that might provide very limited revenue to the NHL (Since the TV deal is 100% guarenteed no matter how many watch) is a bit of over kill.

    I understand not buying official merchandise and tickets to games, but the rest is not doing anything really. I guess I just see it as your not a fan if you can drop all of it in the blink of an eye, just because you don't understand the business side of the game you love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habitforming View Post
    I guess I just see it as your not a fan if you can drop all of it in the blink of an eye, just because you don't understand the business side of the game you love.
    This makes an interesting point, but mixes a lot of definitions that I want to address.

    No, I'm not "in love" with the NHL. They provide a product that I normally enjoy. Namely high level hockey. I also enjoy watching and supporting Olympic hockey, more so than NHL hockey. Its unfortunate that the Olympics happens so rarely. I like concept of the Stanley cup more than the spectacle and salesmanship that the NHL is giving it.

    As for being a fan(atic?) of the NHL, I guess at best, I am a casual fan and not a hard core fan if you define a fan in terms of strength of devotion in face of opposition rather than money spent or someone who will encourage their friends to return to the NHL.

    As for you seeing me as 'not a fan', I'm okay with that. If my continued enjoyment of hockey as a sport somehow gives indirect support to the NHL because they also happen to deal with hockey, I can also live with that. I just don't want to give direct support to the NHL.

    Make no mistake. I understand the business side of hockey played on a frozen pond, thank you very much. I am just separating the NHL and hockey and not confusing the two together like you are suggesting above.

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    Interesting read about the impact of the lock-out:

    In resume:

    The impact of a lock-out is...0.

    "They will come back," said Rodney Fort, a sports economist at the University of Michigan. "And in fact, we may not even notice any difference."

    In fact, we may see an augmentation of the revenues for the NHl, with the same pattern of someone cutting coke for a long time and taking a great binge when he return. Owners, calculators and cold, know this. I can't believe that people think they may have an impact. It's completely daydreaming. The habs had 5 people cancelling their season tickets with a 700 wait list.

    In the NFL, NBA and NHL -- as well as other baseball examples -- work stoppages had little to no effect.
    "Attendance and viewership bounced back essentially 100% immediately," Matheson said. "At least the first evidence we have suggests no long-run effect at all."

    Of course the article is putting some others points, but don't ever think any action at all will affect the NHL. Hey, it was a three month break. Three.
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    Stop treating the NHL like its a member of your family. Its entertainment. It owes you nothing and does not care about your feelings - as many have said, its a business. If you like to be entertained by NHL hockey, then support it. If you dont, then dont.. but dont protest/strike/whatever it is you are proposing to send a message because your feelings are hurt.. the only one you are hurting by doing that is yourself.

    Its absolutely hilarious to me when people try to organize protests or say they arent going to support it.. it reminds me of my 3yr old girl when she doesnt get what she wants.. yell, throw a tantrum, etc.
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