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Thread: This just grinds my gears

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    I agree, for me nothing is more fun in this hobby than busting packs and boxes. But it's a risk every time you bust something and you're not always going to win. We all have our ups and downs when busting stuff.
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    I hate to admit it, but I too am a pack addict. In my head I know it makes much more sense to buy singles, but there is nothing like the rush of opening packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pur3strpker0 View Post
    Who was the person who said that? (Hope it wasn't me or then I be a total hypocrite!)
    nope! Not you! I am not going to name names :)

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    I open boxes because I love it. I do it to have traders because when you see a card for trade and want it, you need traders. I do it because this is a choice I make to spend my money there. I could not care less about what other may think since I do it for me and not for them. I do it because nothing replace pulling a big hit like I did yesterday, pulled a 1/1 cut auto from classics Signatures. I rather spend my money on this then going to the restaurant or other activity other may also spend a lot of money. SOme may spend a lot of money to go to see hockey match, I rather buy boxes and stay home to watch them. Also in Montreal, all habs match are on TV .

    I also collect the empty boxes, they do not sell them on ebay

    Also what yould this person have said if you would have pulled the cut auto 1/1 that I got yesterday out of my box
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    Lol, I think I'm guilty of saying those lines sometimes, but mainly to remind myself to stop breaking wax.


    But then again... thats not going to happen... did 3/4 of case of Walking Dead just for PC :P

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    I wonder if that genius realizes that if nobody busted boxes he wouldn't be able to buy singles? :D
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    What equally grinds my gears are the select few who either only post their all time greatest breaks or try on sell us on the idea that they got several case hits in one box. I personally know who the luckiest hockey box breaker in the world is and even he only gets his case hits one box at at time. No names are necessary as it is really easy to figure out who is posting the fiction. Time to join the real world with the rest of us and share all of your box breaks as is!

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