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    Ft: taylor hall Yg & sam gagner ice RC

    Ft: taylor hall Yg & sam gagner ice Rc
    Have these 2 RCs for trade
    Looking for trade bait will look at lists and pb

    taylor hall yg bv 80
    sam gagner ice rc bv 200

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    Hall only booking $60 at this point in interested in working out something for it
    Serial #d cards /25 or less
    HOF(any jsy) or First Liners & Goalies (in current team jsy) serial #d /99 or less

    Old School Rare Inserts/Box or Case Hits Any Player
    Young Guns of Great Players and High Prospects
    CURRENT TRADE LISTS Hidden Content

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    do you have a link to your trades or pb?

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    check out my page in my sig, i might be interested in the hall
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    i could use these pls cmb

    and the hall yg as well if you can fine something

    thank you

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    interested for hall as well,
    please have a look at my tradesite
    link is in my sig, thanks

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