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    Zetterberg Is The New Red Wing Captain


    I'd rather him not have to have that load on his back. Kronwall is more suited. Kronwall lives for more work, and more responsibility and will clearly be captain one day. Let Zetterberg focus on putting more good season's together, he will now have a target on his back, because for the most part, the Red Wings are a clean team.

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    You couldn't go wrong with having Zetterberg or Kronwall as the captain. If it weren't for the language barrier, you could throw Datsyuk into the mix as well. Good to see Zetterberg getting the "C" though. Well-deserved, following the other great captains for the Red Wings that preceded him.
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    Good choice. Let's just hope they place the "C" on the correct side this year. Looked weird how Lidstrom wore it the last few years on the other side. Anyone know why that was?

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    Can't say I'm surprised, I called it years ago.

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    In other news the sky is blue, easy choice and great captain material
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhockey View Post
    Can't say I'm surprised, I called it years ago.
    Not a very hard call.

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    So easy to Kick a man when he is down, especially from the sidelines!...No denying Tootoo has had his issues, who hasn't in one way or another? But Tootoo, under the guidance of Barry Trotz, who expects All his players to contribute offensively, has turned a corner. Proof in the pudding, last year was his best year offensively, and was also nominated by the Nashville chapter of Hockey Writer's for the Bill Masterton Trophy, for "the player who best exemplifies perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey."
    As for the Captain, Z is great, as is Kronwall, but opposing players don't need to see a C on his jersey to know he is one of the deadliest open ice hitters in the game!
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    I just worry about being a clean player and getting cheap-shotted.

    Chris Pronger ran at Yzerman and tried to cheap-shot him for 15 seasons, and NOBODY did anything about it, Pronger cannot die soon enough for me.

    Pronger got his when Stevie stepped aside and Pronger broke his knee and wrist colliding with the boards and was out 10 months of which became the start of his current woes. He's done because he acted like a richard noggin.

    I don't like liberties taken on my Captains when they are undersized, clean players.

    Nobody runs at Kronwall because they know that one day ..........


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