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    Leg 2 of the Jaunt for the Jersey: Writing contest!


    Rejoice! The NHL is back and the forum will come back to its old hyperactive self! To celebrate the return of the coolest game on earth, we thought we'd launch the writing contest part of the Jaunt for the Jersey!

    Thanks to our friends at Ramjak Sports, this is the prize up for grabs this year!

    So, here are the rules:

    1. Submit your article in the Article submission forum:

    2. Title your thread: HOCKEY CONTEST – The title of your article

    3. Each article must be at least 700 words

    4. You must chose one of the topics suggested below

    5. The contest will take place from January 7th to February 28th at 17.00 EST

    6. Should you submit your article before January 29th, it could be featured in the February edition of Collectors' Corner which will of course focus on the end of the lockout.

    7. Each article submission MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WORK. Any attempt to enter an article which is not your own will result in disqualification for both this leg AND the Jaunt for the Jersey.

    8. You can submit as many articles as you like HOWEVER, only your highest graded one will be count for the Jaunt for the Jersey

    9. Feel free to submit your entry in English or in French

    10. Staff can enter this contest but cannot win or get points for the Jaunt for the Jersey

    What could you win?

    Well, as this is a leg from the Jaunt for the Jersey, there is a $50 gift certificate for Ramjak Sports' Online Store! And, since we are so happy that the lockout is over, we're also throwing in a pretty sweet card:

    On top of that, you can earn up to 25 points towards the Jaunt for the Jersey with this leg. How? Well, each submission will be marked as follows:

    Originality: /5
    Clarity and articulation: /5
    Spelling and grammar: /5
    Visual support: /5
    Depth: /5
    Final mark and points towards the Jaunt for the Jersey: /25

    Once your article has been edited and posted on the articles site, you will be able to see how well you scored in your submission thread.

    With that being said, here are the suggested topics:

    1. World Junior Championships: The latest edition just ended well for some, badly for others...Write about the tournament, you can talk about this year's edition telling us about who the best players were, how your team fared or anything else really or you can go deep in history and tells us about the best performance the tournament has ever seen...It's up to you, it can be everything and anything WJC!

    2. History of Hockey: ITG recently released an excellent product by that name. If you were a set designer and you were given 15 cards to relate the most important moments in hockey for you, what would they be? Tell us about the checklist, what the cards would look like, would they be simple inserts or would you go down the autograph or memorabilia lane?

    3. The Lockout is history and...: Now that it's all behind us, what will happen? You can tells us about what you think will happen on the ice, which will be the teams to watch and which ones will suffer through the shorten season, which rookies will see NHL action right away OR you can also tell us what effect you think the work stoppage will have had on the game, will the fans come back? Do you see the teams going on a charm offensive with discounts and freebees? Think some fans will turn their back on the league?

    4. How will the card manufacturers react to the end of the lockout? How will they handle this year's crop of rookies? If you are a card producer do you release them now or wait for next year to put them in the usual products? Do you fancy seeing Yakupov wearing the Oil right away or postpone it? Would you wait a while to release your next products to have brand new pics from this year? Would you try to make the products even more attractive to fans to make sure they come back?

    5. Who should get more exposure in the hobby? We are all collectors and we all collect different products/players but according to you, who are 3 players that are not represented enough in the various products? Tells us about 3 past or present greats you feel are often overlooked by the card companies.

    6. My all time favorites: Tell us all about your favorite players/sets/products but be sure to tell why, remember, originality and depth are taken into consideration in this contest!

    7. The next big concept in card collecting: Inserting concepts like parallels, autos and memorabilia changed the hobby in huge way. In recent years we have seen shadowboxes, fossils, redemptions for uncut sheets, and even video hockey cards. What do you think will be the next big concept that will take off in the hobby and gain huge demand in collecting? Could your idea change the hobby forever? Give it a try!

    There you have it people, get writing and blow us away with your entry! May the best writer win! Good luck and enjoy the season!

    Entrants - (Please note that the mark for each entrant will be added at the end of the contest, once we know which of their entry has scored better)

    HockeyCardsPlus: 19/25
    Cfagent0: 18/25
    MattDMC: 21/25
    Wolf1bh: Score: 20/25
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    WOO HOO! Thanks for the heads up and I'll start on this right away! Since I HATE writing it might take me 3 weeks and then some to get it done, Brad.

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    Come hate writing about boring topics but this is all hockey or hobby or both! What,s not to like!

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    are we limited to the 7 topics above?
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    Yes, for this writing contest, only those topics are available.

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    Thanks for this contest
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    Spent a couple hours today sitting down writing out a rough draft on topic 6 (all time favorite players) about Bobrovsky and how I got into collecting him and what not. Nine hundred and seventy words that I have to take off the paper and type out into an article tomorrow (today I suppose since its after midnight). At least I'll have something to do now

    P.S. Thank you for reminding me how much I hate writing and why English was always my most hated class

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    I'll look forward to reading it and writing is fun when it's worth it ;)

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    Not sure if its what you guys were looking for or not but my article is entered, thanks for the contest.

    Definitely not some easy topics to come up with anything but I think I did alright.

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    Final Results in?
    2012-13 Artifacts Jersey/Patch Emerald /75--(138/140)
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