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Thread: Marking prices at Card Shows

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    Marking prices at Card Shows

    So you guys that set up at shows, how do you generally mark prices on your cards? What do you have in boxes? $1? $.50? And the cards you keep in your display cases, do you mark them or just name prices when people ask? Just wondering how everyone else operates.

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    10 cent box
    50 cent box
    $1 box
    $5 box
    high end cards in display case (can be priced or not depending on what they are)
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    I think all collectors like a nice $5 box with a few good deals in there hiding :) I recommend doing that.


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    .25 or .50 boxes mixed with random inserts and serial numbered stuff are always something I look through

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    I'd be looking for the cheap stuff (.25, .50, 1.00) but for sure even if I were looking for higher end cards if your stuff isn't priced I won't be stopping at your table. Judging from the amount of unpriced stuff I see at shows I must be in the minority though.
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    highend stuff i throw book value on it and go from there

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    What do you use to mark it? A price gun? Sticker?

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    I used to do card shows back in 1998-2003, I used a price gun and stickers.

    Basically anything above $10-20 in value went in the showcases.

    Most of the rest of the tables were filled with singles for $1-5 each.

    I also had some insert and base sets in boxes or team bags, some plastic boxes filled with inserts and a couple big boxes with base.. I didn't really have set prices for them.

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