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    New at Trading-Paypal-please explain

    I would like to know what people normally do on SCF when they make trades using paypal.

    For a trade involving a small amount of money (under $10),
    does the buyer send the money as a "purchase" or a "gift"?

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    I wouldn't recommend using gift unless you know the person really well and trust them. If you send a payment as gift a scammer could just keep your money without sending your card and there is nothing that Paypal can do about it.

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    Not only the fact paypal offer no protection but I see it as dishonest. Paypal made this to allow person to transfer money with no charge but never was made for real sale. While I understand seller want to have 100% of the transaction, it like stealing a company for service render. In the end, paypal work because they charge fee and if too many person abuse the gift option, on the long run, Paypal may just remove this free possibility for cash transfer and the real person it was meant for will then have to pay. To me, it's a practice I would never endorse and if a seller prefer to not sell because he want gift only, then I will pass and have no issue of doing so. In the end, it's about protection and doing the right thing in all honesty. I never had issue and very few have ask me this. The few time I was ask, the transaction did happen and not as gift.

    In the end, it really your decision to say yes or no.
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