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    Despite having received what was expected as a replacement, had the box contained the promised hits, I would have been much more likely to hit mojo. For obvious reasons, I expected to not receive a big hit as a replacement.
    Are the hits promised? My boxes usually qualify the hits as "on average". In either event I think you did rather well. No they didn't give you the Sign of the Times you requested, but at least they gave you six decent cards when they really didn't have to give you anything. I imagine if UD gave people making complaints the cards they wanted UD would be flooded with requests for specific cards.
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    i had a similar experience with artifacts. i didnt get one memorabilia card. I contacted UD and they said replacements would be on their way. I got them in a relatively quick turnaround. They basically sent me replacements on par with yours only difference was the mem cards they sent were retail editions and i opened a hobby box. UD has always been pretty good to me. I didnt view it as a black eye or anything and just moved on. Its unfortunate that their "compensation" isnt enough

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    they kept it as an average box of SPA, didnt compensate you much for the inconvenience of it all, but that Landy is a nice extra piece for sure

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    Same exact thing happened to me and I got basically the same autos as you did. Eakin, Hartikainen, ladd SOTT. That was it. Consider yourself lucky with landeskog! WHAT made it worse was I opened a case and one of the boxes had nothing and stated that to them and recieved that. You would think they would throw in a pretty nice hit!
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    Hopefully I don't offend anyone with this!LOL On one side I understand you made a request for something you want. Now usually(as far as I know) when placing an exchange or replacement if you will. They ask you to offer them ideas of what you like. That does not mean you will get any of them. So that is where I stand on that side of it. HOWEVER, I try to look at it like this. What are the chances you would have gotten a better box? Meaning if your box did have hits what were the odds they would have been better than what you got? To me I think in the end you did okay. Probably(90% chance in a single box) you would have pulled those hits minus the case hit. So for me I think it was a good bonus if you will. This is just my opinion though so take it for what it is. Only you can decide if this was a good ending or not, Brad.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. To each his own, but I will not be contacting Upper Deck again. I'll trade these replacements and move on!


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    For those who would be happy with this situation if you were the OP, I urge you to re-consider. The point is not whether UD should simply deliver "average" hits or better for a box (or in this case a case hit) but that they should listen to their customer - their very reason for existence - and deliver unto him that which is desired - namely, at least one SOTT! Upper Deck used to be (several years ago) very good about this. If you got to the point where you were communicating directly with them, they would go out of their way to see what you liked and who you collected and they would at least TRY to make you happy. In this instance and several others that have popped up over the last couple of years, it seems they are going for a generic solution and the fact that most people would be happy with a case hit, rather than actually paying attention to what would make this particular collector happy.

    We as consumers should expect more and demand more and a company like UD should be savvy enough to recognize it is in their best interest to deliver more. Too much in this world is focused on meeting minimal expectations - the things we feel passionate about, like our spouses and our hobbies, should deliver more than that and really make us say, "Wow!" /end rant
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    No, just sending the cards they did should be good enough. This is what a box of SPA more or less guaranty. "Pull 3 Autograph cards per box. At least 1 Future Watch Rookie Card on Average)" nothing more. I think UD did more then OK with what they gave.

    Quote Originally Posted by mortuus View Post
    u dont think an extra card or two would be a nice gesture of them?

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