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    My video games for your cards,mcfarlanes

    Mainly looking for current nfl rbs Richardson,Martin,McFadden,jones drew Etc and college mcfarlanes

    Have these games
    ps1-chrono Chross complete
    ps1-dragons valor (sealed)
    ps2-persona 4,nocturne,digital devil saga 1&2,kingdom hearts 1&2
    ps3-mlb show 12
    xbox 360-madden 13,NCAA 13,fallout 3 goty,oblivion goty,dirt 3,cod Bo 2,dues ex,fight night r4,mass effect 1,2,3(collectors),red dead redemption,bio shock 2,dark souls (collectors)

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    cmb for the ncaa 13...lmk exactly what you need for it

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    Ads constantly popped up when I attempted to look though your photobucket with my phone I did see a few though Richardson newton ponder so get back to me if you have offer in mind

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    what is your value on that game?

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