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Thread: 09-10 Champ's help?

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    09-10 Champ's help?

    I'm am kind of confused with this set, I've only really owned 3 cards and they were all minis.

    But galiardi has the following cards from the set

    Mini blue back
    Mini red back
    Mini red back
    Mini parkhurdt back

    So is his true rc a mini? That's the one I have now and don't knowif it's the mini blue (back is black writing) but little thing on front is blue.

    I'm guessing it's way less confusing than I think it is buthopefukly someone more familiar with this set can help.


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    You're correct, the "true" RC's from this set are minis. When in doubt you can check the cards in the inventory-system to see which one has the RC-attribute and which one that don't.
    Here's the Erik Karlsson-rainbow as an example:

    Base RC
    Mini blue back
    Mini red back
    Mini green back
    Mini parkhurst back

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    That makes everything much clearer for me!!! Thanks a ton
    Btw I heard the parkhurst ones are sp'd is this true? And how many are there roughly... If anyone has any clue

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    Mini Rookies, Parkhurst Var. Back – inserted 1:1500 - per UD product preview.

    Very hard to find.
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