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    1 Box Of SP Authentic.......100% Legal Robbery by Upper Deck. I'm Furious!

    Hey Everyone,

    Last night I went to my LCS. I decided to try my luck on a box of SP Authentic. It was $105+tax for a box which promises 3 autographs. After opening about half of the box, I was getting a little worried since I still hadn't hit an auto. With about 8-10 packs left, I began to worry even more. At that point, the owner of the shop said, "You hit a dud box! You're not going to get any autographs!" Despite this, I thought he was wrong. I looked at 3 packs left in the box. Could these be my 3 autographs? Not a chance. All packs were base! I was furious. $105 for a bunch of base cards?! How does this happen?

    I sent a complaint via email and pictures of the UPC and serial number. Hopefully UD does something good for me. I'm expecting the usual though.......3 dud autos with no collectible or trade value. It's really sad that this happens.........

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    They are usually good with providing you a replacement for your dud box, which usually consists of a group of all the non-base cards you should have received.

    Good luck on your replacement.

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    look in this section, ericsnewmsn just got his replacement in from the exact same thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    look in this section, ericsnewmsn just got his replacement in from the exact same thing
    I just seen his thread. I'm really not blown away by what he got. To get completely ripped off and then receive a bunch of garbage autos is even more of a slap in the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    maybe, but he also got a Landeskog case hit
    Yeah, that's not a bad replacement. I have seen UD send out amazing replacements if someone complains over something stupid, but shell out almost nothing when a true complaint is made

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    I opened a case and one of my boxes contained 0 autos. I contacted UD and after it cost me $3 shipping to send the the box upc and case number I got $8 in cards in return I was also furious.

    Good Luck to you!
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