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    Hockey numbers..where to get them etc..

    I did a search [google] and the prices i find for hockey numbers is, well high! I must be missing something. Where do people buy the numbers they get signed, then added to jerseys? Also, on ebay there are reputable dealers selling signed numbers for good prces, but then tend to be just the top layer, they do not include the bottom [shadow??] layer. How do oyou make these look right when sewing them to a jersey? Thanks, I dont live in a hockey town so i dont get to go to the signings, or even have the opportunity to get IP autos. But i can do the mail in programs that are offered by signings, i just need to get the right numbers. TIA

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    There is a site that sells full numbers NHL NBA, NFL, and MLB full size for $10 each. I will look into it for you more

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