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Thread: Getting out of the hobby

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    Getting out of the hobby

    So guys, my daughter is on the way. And we bought a house, I have not longer money for UFC cards. So I will sell my whole collection !!!! So I will send first, and you send me the money via paypal after you received the cards. So I sell this cards :
    All prices are included with fees and shipping ! I will send as registered mail with shipping ID and insurance.
    Brock Lesnar 2012 Topps UFC Knockout Auto Fighter-Worn Relic TT 2/3 350 $

    Brock Lesnar Topps UFC Knockout TT Fighter Worn Relic Auto 07/18 100 $

    Brock Lesnar 2010 UFC Knock Out TT Fighter Worn Relic Auto 7/9 250 $

    Brock Lesnar 2010 Topps UFC Autograph Gear Card 2/25 150 $

    Brock Lesnar 2010 Topps UFC Main Event Gear Relic 70 $

    Brock Lesnar 2012 UFC Finest Fight Mat Jumbo Auto 50 $

    Brock Lesnar / Fedor Emelianenko 2010 Leaf Showdowns Dual Auto 04/10 280 $

    Brock Lesnar / Frank Mir 2011 Topps UFC Finest Finest Feuds 14/25 150 $

    Brock Lesnar 2012 Topps UFC Finest Red Ink Auto 4/8 150 $

    Brock Lesnar 2009 Topps UFC Round 2 1st Auto Red Ink Auto 03/25 300 $

    Brock Lesnar 1st Autograph 2009 Topps Round 2 200 $

    Brock Lesnar 2011 Topps UFC Moment Of Truth "Grappling Gurus" Auto 01/25 80 $

    Brock Lesnar 2010 Topps Round 4 Red Ink Auto 06/15 85 $

    Brock Lesnar 2010 Topps UFC 30 $

    Check my bucket and send me a pm if you interested in any cards. I will sell all Jon Jones, Rory MacDonald, Brock Lesnar, GSP and Anderson Silva.

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    be careful about sending first for those high-priced cards. I wouldn't want to see you get ripped off my friend. At least take a deposit upon sending.

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    DO NOT SHIP FIRST!!!!! I went through hell to get my money after I sent first. I sold my entire collection and sent first. The buyer stopped communication as soon as I sent a confirmation number. It took 2 months and a police report before I finally received all of my cards back.

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    I hate to see anyone leave the hobby, but you do have your priorities in order.

    thanks - fdgowin
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    Didn't plan on buying anymore UFC But, lmk Best price on Bloodlines Mat/Auto of Jon Jones.

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    You've got a great looking collection, sorry to hear you're getting out of the hobby. Hopefully you'll be back! Good luck with finding buyers for your cards.

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    Yeah sending first is bad news period. I've been a part of a trading board for 10+ years and always hated having to help get peoples stuff back that decide to send first.

    You'd be surprised what calling some kids Mom accomplishes though!

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    Yeah, you all are so right. But I will send to members I had made a couple of deals. For example Hudda123, Conditfan, DKfxr, NoMercy ....

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