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Thread: 2 rack packs of Crown Royale

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    2 rack packs of Crown Royale

    I thought the base cards were all die-cuts but found out the hard way it's only the hobby base.

    Anyways here's the better stuff:
    NFL Regime: 9,10
    Majestic Motions:8,9
    Pivotal Players:7,8
    Field Force: 14/15 NFT( like the look of these cards want to complete the set)


    5,9,13,17,21,26,27,32,35,40,47,51,55,59,70,74,75,7 8,83,89,97,105,110,115,124,125,129,134,139,144,150 ,

    Not only no die-cuts and Panni couldn't be bothered to separate my inserts, I'll make sure to never buy Panni retail again.

    Why did Topps Chrome have to run out!!

    All is for ft unless it falls into the burn pile.

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    any tj graham if so pm me please and thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwood View Post
    Unfortunately the only things I have are an Osweiler base from Topps Chrome and a Hillman base from Topps Prime.
    I could use both if your okay with the trade post it!

    Sorry no T.J. or Blackmon's

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