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    Two Cards with Two Different Memories Attached

    Just two in today's mailbox, but two that have a bit of a cool meaning for me on a couple different levels.

    First up is probably the rarest card made of James Wisniewski during his all-too-brief time with the Canadiens. He was very popular as a player as he did a lot of things to spark the club after Gorges got injured. Great on the power play, physical, engaged, and I think many of us Habs fans wished that he was re-signed after the 2010-11 season. Of course, all that's secondary to me personally as James was one of the guys that came to my 30th birthday. He sat beside me and I think I talked with him more than I did with Carey. Just a really cool guy with a great sense of humour.

    And the second one...this one is all about the feels. To this day I can't watch the video clip without getting some tears in my eyes. He was such a huge part of the Habs for so many years and he is just an amazing human being. I truly hope that there is some way that he can finish his career as a Montreal Canadien, and that they can find a place for him in the organization after he retires. I give you the return of Saku Koivu, immortalized by ITG's History of Hockey, and a card that I suggested be on the list. :)

    Thanks for the look!
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    I wish they kept The Wiz too, he had one of the best slapshot on the PP!!!
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    Pickups with memories are the best. Nice show.

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