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    2011 Heritage for sale/trade... 2 Alan Horne to trade/sale

    Im looking to sell or trade these 2011 Heritage Minors. Willing to trade but will only be looking for signed HM cards I need to complete my sets.
    Here is the list, if you need anything please shoot me a PM and im sure we can work something out.

    2011 HM
    Josh Vitter -blue
    Mel Rojas Jr- blue
    Jiwan James- Blue
    Cody Hawn- black
    Macus Littlewood x2 -black
    Travis Mattair- black
    Joe Leonard- black
    Asher Wojciechowski- black
    Nich Bucci- blue
    Khris Davis- blue
    Nick Franklin- blue
    Jeudy Valdez- blue
    Hak-Ju Lee- blue
    Jonathan Singleton- blue
    Rymer Liriano- blue
    Jimmy Nelson- blue
    Deck McGuire- blue
    Alan Horne x2 -Blue
    Matt Den Dekker - Blue

    Here is the list of 2011 Heritage Minors I need to complete my set.
    Manny Banuelos
    Brett Lawrie
    Jesus Montero
    John Lamb
    Arodys Vizcanio
    Dan Klein
    Matt Harvey
    Drew Pomeranz
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