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    First Mailday post of 2013 and it is a great ONE!

    There are some others that I will not show because I do not have the time to show them all...among the ones left out are some common RCs from Pinnacle and Crown Royale, some low end base and inserts for my girlfriend's PC, and a couple of Boris Mironov autos.

    First, got this lot for just $10, STEAL!

    Next, a couple for my Zenith set, these were free from a fantastic member on here!

    He also sent this one too, which is the DTT parallel /199, which I don't need for my set, but I want it because it is of Kyle Palmieri...I know his uncle!

    Next, a few for my girlfriend's PC...glad to have gotten at least one card from History of Hockey haha, just an interesting one to have.

    Next, a Sauve Manitoba Moose card, this may be the best picture of him I have ever seen on a card hahahaha.

    Next, a sweet looking Lehtonen:

    Next, some Hawks stuff:

    Next, this is the first card for my new set project! LMK if you have any! Would prefer to trade, but can buy if the price is right.

    And finally, the big ONE of the thread. For those of you who have not heard the story, here is how it goes. I was going on YouTube to see how many views one of my videos had, and since I subscribe to CnC, I always see their videos on my homepage of YouTube. I really never watch any of them, I think I had watched maybe one or two since I got my new phone, if that. I decided to just watch a The Cup break, just for the heck of it. Well, this gem got pulled and my jaw hit the floor. A PC cornerstone pulled! As soon as I picked up my jaw, I went on CnC and PM'ed the member who it was for. We quickly worked out a deal. I assumed the card would be shipped to him and he would then ship it to me. Nope. CnC mailed it directly to me instead, cutting out about 3 weeks! Thanks Brad, it is appreciated! I had a good day anyway, but coming home to see that surprise...amazing.

    So without further second of four...a new cornerstone!


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    Nice to see you get that sweet card of your boy Derek so quickly. Hopefully you'll end up with an entire rainbow or two at some point. :)
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    Well I have one so far, his Lincoln Stars rainbow...base and auto parallel. Pinnacle I still need the Expo /5, have yet to see one. And yeah, still need Cyan and Yellow plates! Thanks for the comment Rich!

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