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    busted a box of strata...all for trade

    these were the hits..minus one...rg3 patch already traded...i think..if not ill post it up as well..i have all rookies if u need a rookie card out of strata...


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    cmb for the wright
    If not sent in reasonable time, I will leave neg. feedback.

    Sorry can't send out of US.

    Trade by BV not SV or who's hot or not this week.

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    Hey Greg!! I'd Be Interested In The Strata DIE-CUT Card. LMK What Ya Would Need In Trade For It.

    Thanks, John

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    have no idea what u have trains...any kuechly..or janoris jenkins?

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    CMB for the Barron redemption, let me know if you see anything

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    eagles fan..didnt see anything..u got any current steelers...ty hilton...kuechly..janoris jenkins?

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