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    Quote Originally Posted by BigFloppy View Post
    I've got this one:
    08-09 SPx Winning Combos WC-EI Malkin and Kovalchuk (white, white)

    Its $5 (BV) more than the canvas, do you have anything else from 12-13 UDS1?

    hey Tony, like the dual gu & i do have some low end 2012-13 Yg rc....about 4 or so

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    OK, last call as i do have some low end current yg rc also for bigger deal if int?

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    I collect JORDAN EBERLE & Sam Steel & Martin Brodeur & New Jersey Devils. Also Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas & Broncos Greats. Also looking for Star YGS & SPX AU RC JSY; Wantlist ---> Hidden Content
    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_hockey23 View Post
    some nice cards but sorry, i did not see any current roster Penguins

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