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Thread: Is grading worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravens_creed View Post
    Just to play devil's advocate here.... I can't stand graded cards. I can tolerate a few slabbed ITG cards that have some nice old mem inside, but I have never considered grading any of my cards, and I can't stand the feeling I get when I find a card I'm chasing and it has been graded and that's one less card that I can go for. :P I don't like the disconnect it creates between me and my cards, like putting them inside a glass case and never being able to get inside.

    Whether a card is a 9 or a 9.5 or a 10 seriously means very little to me or my enjoyment for the cards I have.
    I completely agree. Unless they're vintage cards or some high-end RC's, don't grade them. I don't like graded cards because it just feels like they've been inserted into a big block of plastic, but that doesn't mean I can't purchase them. If I do, however, I'll open the slabs (you can do this without damaging the cards as long as you're careful). To me, having a graded card in my PC is worse than a non-slabbed one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Graded cards are hard to sell unless they are over 45 years old.
    pretty sure that my Brayden Schenn BGS 10 Ice RC /99 that I sold last year for $550.00 wasn't 45 years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFitzpatrick View Post
    pretty sure that my Brayden Schenn BGS 10 Ice RC /99 that I sold last year for $550.00 wasn't 45 years old.

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    I hate having a greaded card I will never buy one either even if its a 10. I would consider getting one graded if I feel pretty confident that it would grade 9.5 or 10 and im going to sell it. I cant say no to maybe turning a RNH FWA into a graded FWA 9.5 with s nice $75 profit.
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    they have group grading submissions here at scf which comes down to 6-7 a card about every two months or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy06 View Post
    I think if you are going to sell them then yes grade, if not it isn't a must.
    Yeah grading it to sell it makes sense because in some cases (vintage & hot rookies) you can make substantially more money. If you are just keeping the card for yourself it is kinda pointless to. Beckett allows you to protect the card in the same case for less money than grading it if you are worried about PC stuff getting damaged so you can always go that route if you are going to keep it forever.
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    Thought I'd get in on this varied list of opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Graded cards are hard to sell unless they are over 45 years old.
    This is horribly inaccurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleury14 View Post
    Also, be honest with yourself if you're going to grade them.
    This is probably the best piece of advice in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kicker View Post
    For modern card dont graded anything else then rookie cards exept for Crosby and Gretzky that have a following even on base cards.
    Grading auto`s or jersey card isint worth it exept the 2 mention above.

    Grading Young Guns, Sp Authentic auto rc /999, Ice rc /99 of star player is really worth it whatever the haters say.
    While Gretzky and Crosby are obvious sure-fire winners, that doesn't make every other non-RC unworthy of grading, there are quite a few players that have hobby love, and they get it across many mediums. The last statement however, is quite true.

    Quote Originally Posted by theboxbreaker96 View Post
    If it grades 9 or lower you will most likely lose money if it grades 9.5 or 10 then you gain money.
    Extremely true for modern, but less and less true the older the card is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Estovia View Post
    (don't ever expect a 10 going through Beckett, I think they've given out like 3, ever.)
    Just keep in mind that you will be adding $10-$20 in cost to you to have them graded, so apply that to whatever your bottom line is.
    An order of mine from September 2011. 3 outta 20 ain't bad. It's easy to let all the overhead get away from you when you're calculating the overall cost of getting something graded though, so I agree with paying attention to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    If you are just keeping the card for yourself it is kinda pointless to
    Why is it ok to keep a "crappier" version of the card around for yourself? Why wouldn't you pursue one in better condition if possible? Or similarly, a GU card that may have much better pieces/patches. I'm not saying keeping the "crappier" one is unacceptable, but different people collect for different reasons and those weren't exactly rhetorical questions. It's more or less a classic quality/quantity debate. Some people want to hurry up a tick that box in their checklist so they can hit their goal of 100% of the player/set/whatever they are collecting. That is their goal, that is their bragging point. I wish them well in their quest for 100% completion.

    Others, such as myself (to a fanatical extent), enjoy/prefer the quality of the piece or collection as opposed to the number of ticks on the checklist. I picture a PC mailday for these two groupings of people would go something like this: Condition/GU quality enthusiast says, "Yay! :)" Checklist enthusiast says, "Alright! That one's out of the way" (With an escalating level of smiley faces dependent on the print run of the card.)

    This is just my perspective on it, and I clearly stated what side I'm on though I'd like to think I can be unbiased about this. I've done my share of collecting from both sides. I can honestly say when I was more focused on a single PC player, my above reaction is generally how I was on a PC mailday, unless it was a badass quality GU piece. Holding out for quality certain slows your completion progress, sometimes to a crawl, I'd never deny that. But if your ultimate goal/bragging point is the quality of every single piece, it won't bother you. Your collecting "itch" will be better scratched by the better quality one it took a little longer to acquire.


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