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    Sports Showcase's On-Going Sale Thread!!!

    Prices are delivered

    Take $2 off listed price per additional card

    Offers welcomed on multiples, some are firm, some have some room

    Buy today, shipped tomorrow

    Only Trading for Big Ben autos/patches, Troy Polamalu, Ray Lewis, HOF'ers, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson and select other steelers autos/patches. Not checking buckets.

    US and Paypal only

    Posts in the thread take precedence over pms. It's much easier that way.

    Posts asking for "what is your lowest?" or "best price" will be ignored. Prices are listed, you can make an offer or request a price on multiples.

    Newton/Locker/Gabbert TTT /27 $15

    Baker/Bowe /199 $4

    Wallace /399 $19

    Nelson Donruss SOLD
    Poe Prestige SOLD
    Green Legends $5
    Wilson Finest SOLD
    Wilson Finest SOLD
    Martin Prime /75 SOLD

    C.J. Spiller Limited /15 $25
    Roland McClain National Treasures /25 $11
    Tommy McDonald Exquisite /45 SOLD
    Santana Moss National Treasures /49 $7
    Carter/Randle Momentum /149 $11

    Terrance Ganaway Prizm /499 SOLD
    Jamell Fleming Prizm /499 $3
    Trumaine Johnson Prizm /499 SOLD
    Alshon Jeffery Limited /49 SOLD
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    just loaded some more

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    hey bud i replied to your thread on blowout that i'll take some of these. please just shoot me a total thanks!

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    Ill take the Nicks SPA, Nicks Contenders and Floyd Triple Threads


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    Brad, i updated the thread from sales last night after i signed off and the post of ahead of you, those are already sold.. sorry bud

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    hey bud i like the matthew topps triple threads.but i dont like me

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    still have some nice stuff for sale...

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    looking to move some more

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    anyone need anything

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    let's move some of these

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