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    Awesome looking card! Would love to have a Wilson in my collection. To think I was going to try and PC him this year being a Badgers fan myself. Yikes.

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    So nice and I just really like Wilson. I hope he has a great long NFL career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    So nice and I just really like Wilson. I hope he has a great long NFL career.
    Me too man. We've never had a dynamic, elite QB before. Ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praxx View Post
    That's a really awesome card! I'm curious what you have it in. I always worry about cards like this as it seems like magnetics would be disastrous and penny sleeve/toploader would be only marginally better as it just seems like due to the shape/size of the card they'd be able to wiggle around some and potentially damage it. As much as I don't like them for high enders, it almost seems like the best thing to put one of these in would be a semi rigid as it would hold it in place better. You actually own it though, what do you have it in and does it seem fairly secure? Gorgeous card regardless, congrats on a nice pickup!
    Hey bud. i took it to a card shop today with the exact same concerns actually, before I even read this. Talked with the shop owner, and he put it in a penny sleeve, and put it in a nice screw down holder that fit it perfect, and the card doesn't move at all. Should be there forever.

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