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    Bring me Vick Ballard and Lamar Miller

    Only looking for autos, auto jerseys or auto patches...everything is available in my bucket for them depending on scarcity and look. Lets see them!

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    we would be far apart, sorry...maybe next time!

    Quote Originally Posted by steeltowninwv View Post
    i have this

    i like ur 2011 elite von miller rookie status /24

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    no problem..but we wouldnt be far apart as far as bv

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    Def. Lmk what u need for it

    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post

    Do you need this?

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    Like the 2 ttt...just couldnt move warner for them...lmk if u see anything else please

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanAtor View Post
    I have these:

    Love the Kurt Warner GU/Auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cccupps420 View Post
    Def. Lmk what u need for it
    Man everything I saw right now was too high. Sorry

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    Would you trade your Kaepernick Leaf Draft Auto for my Sage Hit Von Miller Auto? Lmk, thanks.

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