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    Sorry to hear bud!! Went thru the same thing a few years back :/ sold ALL my cards for dirt. Just know rebuilding. Hope all gets better man!
    I dont have a ton of PP left until I can sell some stuff but whats the best you can do on the two Redskins patches and the Durant 9.5 RC? I just want to give those to my old card buddies. If not the Durant, I'll at least the Skins patches for one pal. Plmk! Thanks!
    Looking for ANY year Gridiron Kings Patch Autos!!!

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    Pm me any broncos and falcons or okc thunder unless u can get.ur link to wrk

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    Dub.5 each on skins or 8 combined
    And Durant only one graded one finished at 170+ but it was a 10
    Just make an offer on this one

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    Link fhas too be copied and posted
    Won't attach

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    have anything barry sanders or any football 91-93 wild card stripes?

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    do you still have the Redskins patches? and sorry to hear about losing your job, it'll get better :D

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    Sent you a pm.
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