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Thread: The Future of the Hobby

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    i agree with you that only a select few guys will hold value and maybe increase, guys like manning and moss from 98 sell very well and i think that will be true with the likes of adrian peterson calvin johnson and a few qb's like luck and maybe ryan or flacco depending on who wins super bowls. for the most part though you are correct and only a couple from each draft keep value over the years. i find this to be an interesting conversation so im going to break it down from 1998. please throw some names in if i miss someone.

    98 - moss, manning
    99 - none? mcnabb maybe.
    00 - brady
    01 - tomlinson
    02 - ed reed
    03 - andre johnson, polamalu
    04 - eli manning, roethlisberger, fitzgerald
    05 - aaron rodgers, d ware
    06 - anyone??
    07 - adrian peterson, calvin johnson
    08 - flacco, matt ryan,

    this is just guess work really and im sure ive missed plenty of guys that still sell well. im just trying to think of guys thats cards still hold considerable value. ofcourse it could all change given some super bowl rings.

    i still think its to early to tell on guys like sam bradford, cam newton, luck rg3 etc.
    I agree for the most part but D. Ware and Polamalu are defense so I would not waste the time or money. A Johnson - No, he plays in a small market. 2006 I would add Frank Gore in 06 as a good starting point for that missed year. BTW - Props up to all Colts and no Patriots. If I found a Brady Rookie Ticket I would price that baby to sell so fast heads would spin.

    Why not Tim Tebow. He may go on Dancing with the Stars and Oprah. That has to boost.

    2008 - The jury is still out on Flacco and Ryan too. I have a graded Flacco Rookie Ticket auto in my gamble card inventory.
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    Play those games next season and the next season and the next seasion and ask me again
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