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    Buying the things listed inside...... Stars, autos, and much more.

    Hey guys. This thread wont be for everyone. So if your not interested please don't post. I am looking to buy the below things. First here are the guidelines.

    1. I will pay via PayPal.
    2. I am not paying eBay prices just below. Please don't post prices that are above eBay. You will be ignored. Please do a little research before so you don't waste my time or yours. The reason is I often buy to resell.

    Certified Green and Black cards.
    PMGs... Mostly from fleer retro, and also from skybox.
    Gold piece cards
    National treasure RPA and autos
    Jordan Inserts
    Kobe inserts
    Exquisite cards. Please no common player unless amazing prices.
    Maybe logoman, this is better off being common player and not stars.
    Autos of the following players. Not limited to these player but is a helpful start.
    Kobe,Jordan,James,Durant, Griffin, Paul, Westbrook, Wall, Rubio, Irving, Lilliard, Davis, Love, Rose, Russell, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wade, Mourning, Larry Johnson, Hakeem, Stockton,Malone, Pippen, Rodman, Rondo, Garnett, Pierce, Cousins, Harden, Payton, Penny, O'neal. I am sure I left some people out.

    Scans and prices please.... sometimes digging through buckets in the ipad is a pain.Bryce

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    Kareem, Hakeem,Malone, Pippen

    I got a bunch for ya:














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    Quote Originally Posted by bdb3232 View Post
    Ill get a list for ya
    Sounds great. Anyone else?

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