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Thread: What is the best box to get?

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    What is the best box to get?

    What do you guys prefer? I really like strata and certified but Ive already had 3 boxes of certified. I'm thinking about getting a box of momentum. What do you guys suggest? I can't really afford the really expensive boxes like sterling or exquisite.

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    Momentum has 10 hits, which is nice. But I found them to be lower end autos in the box I bought. Everyone seems to love chrome, me as well. But you only get one hit per hobby box. I have to say I have purchased two blaster boxes of Chrome from Target and both had an auto. I wouldn't say that is not the norm for blasters though.
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    Yea take the money you were going to use and buy Chrome blasters and rack packs. No guarenteed hits but I've had so much better success with those then I did any hobby boxes I've bought. lol

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    moving to football card talk.


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    if you're thinking of momentum try a box of panini black. some really nice stuff in it and decent hits

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    I'm a big Chrome guy, so I always suggest Chrome when people ask.

    A lot of numbered refractors you will pull from Chrome, not even considered "hits" will sell or trade for more than junky game used/relic cards from other products. Not to mention that if you do pull an auto, it's likely to be on-card. If you go the hobby box route, you're guaranteed an auto.

    I opened 72 packs of Chrome retail this year and ended up with 2 autos, 3 camo refractors, 3 pink, 1 purple, 2 black and 1 blue (I think that was it...10 total anyway). Great fun to open.
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    I would also say Topps Chrome. Those blaster boxes are incredible for 19.99, 8 packs

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    Chrome. I love ripping Chrome even when I don't get anything nice lol.

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    You gonna make me buy some Topps Chrome. What I miss in Topps base is on-card signature. Thanks.

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    Check out the 2012 Crown Royale, real sharp looking Silhouette patch autos! Love the looks of Crown this year! Seen some nice stuff hit out of it too!

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