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    Penguins jersey(black #1 Hedberg) with autographs from Lemeiux, Hedberg, Melichar

    I'm looking to sell this jersey(desperately need money) and it's worth quite a bit so make some offers.

    It's a Penguins current black(in former years it was their road, now it's their home under new NHL rules) with Hedberg on it(#1). The jersey is signed by Mario Lemieux, Johan Hedberg, and Josef Melichar.

    Make an offer, post it here, PM me, email me(, or AIM me(phantompenguin59)

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    technically yes.

    I'm talking to someone from Austria about it though.

    Offer up though, best way to get me is AIM(phantompenguin59) or email(

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    i can offer you $50 cash
    probably not enough though
    i can also on top of that ofer you a $40 lemieux card

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    Not even near not being close...osrry

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