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    Luongo was a steal for Bertuzzi, Allen and Auld when he brought him to Vancouver.

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    Detroit, and Calgary have both taken advantage of Bertuzzi, he has been a model hockey player on his return from goon. He has by far been the best player of any involved in the initial deal.

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    Bahahaha! Luongo has been the best player involved in that deal! I like the move to hire Nonis and let Burke go. This means Leafs are going for it and Luongo. Almost guaranteed to happen.

    To all the people crying for Burke on the media right now, he fired his friend Wilson and did anyone feel bad for him. Maybe that is part of this business.

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    Fuel to the fire:

    Bob McCown on SPSN Prime Time right now.

    100% sure Canucks want Kadri + Gardiner for Luongo. Burke was told by senior corporate mgmt he may have to do the deal but Burke said he wouldn't do it to save his job because it was over payment.

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    It's about time, Burke was a disaster in Toronto. As another hardcore Canucks fan, I can see a real odd pattern emerging in Toronto. When Burke was fired in Vancouver, Nonis took over, and brought in Roberto Luongo, who he seemed to love during his time in Vancouver. I believe not only is the Luongo deal a given, but Toronto will probably now be willing to give more in a trade in order to obtain Luongo.
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    Kadri and Gardiner is too much for Luongo. If it was year 2,000 it would be different, but Louie has been playing now for 15 seasons.
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    I usually dont join Convo's like this but I gotta join this one :) I will admit that I am a Leaf Nation Fan... But Loui Can Make his sweet way to Florida, Nonis oh no no can stay put, let his troops play... I see the JVR for Schenn trade another Concussion bound forward coming to Toronto.. The Kessel Trade was a over-paid for trade that Boston is surely enjoying and will enjoy.. MLSE needs to wake up, understand its not 1990 or 2000 its 2013, Gardiner/Kadri will be leafs for now.. and if they go in a trade for Luongo, if they do trade those mentioned players the sky is no longer the limit. it will be watch old aged up players play in Toronto once again...

    that is my 2 cents.. if the leafs trade for Luongo I will probably have 4 cents...

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