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Thread: Training Camp Autograph

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    Cool Training Camp Autograph

    went down to the arena to try to get some autos today..unfortunately i missed the train by 20 seconds so i had to wait another 10 minutes :/ mighta cost my chance to get more autos but i got one autograph :)

    Jannik Hansen :)))


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    Someone's got hockey feverrrrrrrrrr :D

    Did you get to talk to him or was it a crowd-situation????
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Nice pick up Andrew!!!

    Wonder if I should try for some autographs while I'm at the jan 25th game in Anaheim ;)

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    Thanks!!:) u's a lot of fun.. It's better than buying cards and its free!!:)
    And no I didnt get to have a converstion with him. :( I think he was in a rush, because it looked like he was one of the last guys to enter the rink

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