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Thread: Prizm- Green and Gold Prizms

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    Prizm- Green and Gold Prizms

    Just curious as to see where the following for these cards are here on SCF? Only reason I ask, is that I have attended 2 pretty large card shows, with probably 40-50 tables. This past weekend, I set up to sell as well. Everyone was inquiring about the Gold Prizms, and Green Prizms from Panini. These are pretty hot cards right now, and everyone in seems to be a "buzz" about these things.

    I also post on other card/trading sites as well, and once again everyone is talking about the GOLd and GREEN prizms, and buying/selling/trading alot of these. Typically on any given page, there might be 8-10 different threads selling/trading/looking for, or just general conversation about these cards.

    Yet, here on SCF.........there isnt much mention of them at all. Not very many being sold/traded. Just curiouss to know what is it that I'm missing here? Its somewhat frustrating, because SCF is the main site I typically read/sell/trade on. Is anyone still buying product? What say you SCF?

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    I've got BOTH of the Iverson Green prizm and the base GOLD prizm /10 of Iverson

    love them!!!

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    They still have hype and are crazy popular right now. But to me it seems like the basketball section on here has died down the last while.

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    You must not be reading the box breaks forum. People are getting very excited over these. Perhaps the reason there is not as much action on the buy/sell/trade forums, though, is that we have fewer high enders here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DunkingDurant35 View Post
    You must not be reading the box breaks forum. People are getting very excited over these. Perhaps the reason there is not as much action on the buy/sell/trade forums, though, is that we have fewer high enders here.
    Thanks for your input. I Definately read the box break forums, as that is typically the best way to find fresh pulled singles. Interestingly enough, that's the main reason for this thread. Because in comparison, there's just not a whole lot of boxes/cases being busted here on SCF. Same with the Buying/Selling forum.....there's maybe at the most 3 or 4 threads with Green or Gold Prizms being available..and most of those are common players. I would just rather buy from members here, than from random people on EBay. But it's been tough pickings here as of late.
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    people like myself love the green prizm. i think this product will be like '96 chrome, retail version. 2-3 greens in prizm compares to the 2 refractors in '96 chrome. base might not ever get to the kobe price level because of hobby/retail versions, but lillard green is already at kobe ref. levels '96 [then not now]. greens usually come 2-4 per box and you either get rc's or vets 85% of time just like in '96 chrome. this product has no competition from topps chrome unlike football. That will be why prices will stay inflated for a while.

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    Prizm is a lower end version of Totally Certified and most of the hype is towards that product compared to Prizm itself. The golds in Prizm are also pretty common and I think they are 4-5 per case whereas the golds in Totally Certified are a little rarer to get.

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    They are just this seasons hype. Im guessing by the start of next season these gold and green prizms are probably only worth 1/3 of what they are fetching now. Maybe only the good rookies and a few select superstars might hold value. It looks to be almost the exact same hype surrounding 10-11 totally certified green emeralds, which out of the blue started to sell for insane amounts during the lockout last season. Most of those certified greens are not nearly as valuable as they were last season.

    We also havent been really spoiled with great stuff this season, this double rookie class is flooding every product with insane amounts of scrubs and not much creativity. So most collectors search for stuff that appeals, and has been appreciated for years. Totally certified greens where named next PMG's and now these prizms are panini's counterpart of card collecting giant Topps Chrome.

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    The chase to extend my original point is most likely b/c boxes of Prizm are relatively cheap and the golds are not impossible to get and they fall a couple a case. The greens are only in retail boxes and those are pretty cheap as well. So, cheaper product makes it a little more feasible for these cards to be pulled and that probably has something to do with their large demand. Personally I'd rather pay a little more and get more of a sure deal with Totally Certified since if you don't hit something big in a Prizm box it is a total dud whereas T. Cert has a lot of nice parallels and rookies you can pull in every pack.

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    I myself have two gold prizms right now. One is a Ginobili gold base version and a David Robinson gold finalists insert. They look amazing and I can see why people have created such a hype. When paninis new basketball select come out it will contain Prizm style cards as well.

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