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    WTTF Doug Martin Crown Royale Silhouette redemptions..whole bucket FT..all parallels!

    Here are my FT links:

    AutosPatchesGU FS FT

    Mid End to High End Football FT

    PC NFT

    will trade away doug martin pc autos toward these redemptions....really like the crown silhouettes this year especially that they put the player on the right side of the card so u can see more of the jumbo patch. I've seen a lot of these on the web and on here getting pulled...hopefully i can get a few redeemed in the next week or 2. thanks jeff

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    anyone on here have 1 of the 626 total redemptions of these silhouette autos.....way too many in my opinion....i'll be bankrupt by the time i get one of each parallel. thansk jeff

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