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    Getting the NHL started case breaks

    Hi Everyone,

    Finally the NHL will be getting back to playing. So I figured wax prices will be on the rise as well.
    I decided to pick up some cases to have some fun . UPS Should be delivering very shortly. Incoming is 1 of each.

    Without a doubt The first case to be cracked will be the Ultimate Collection .

    11/12 UD Ultimate Collection Hobby 15 Box Case

    11/12 Panini Rookie Anthology Hobby 12 Box Case

    11/12 Panini Contenders Hobby 14 Box Case

    11/12 UD SPX Hobby Hockey 14 Box Case

    11/12 SP Authentic Hobby Hockey 12 box case
    10/11 Panini Zenith Hobby Hockey 24 Box Case


    10/11 Panini Contenders Hobby Hockey 12 Box Case

    I will Post Some scans and Highlights as we go.

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    ... Can I have just 1 case please... please...

    Lol, good luck! May the best be with you!

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    wow looks like fun are any going ot be FS/FT?

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    Am also wondering, will any hits be FS? Best of luck to you as well as I bet it will be an insanely fun break :)

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    Awesome, good luck! If they will be fs/ft would be interested in any potential galiardi hits I'm on the search fof

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    Suffice to say - have fun!
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    Nice...looking forward to it (probably not as much as you are though haha)
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    I could not be more jealous!! Good luck!!!
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