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    Very nice Booklets! Congrats on those nice hits from that case! Can't wait to see the results of the others, Brad.

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    Is the Eakin and Faulk for trade/for sale? Sweet two case

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    lmk on any current rangers you got

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    Nice stuff so far...looking forward to this...4 PC cards in there for me....

    10/11 Panini Zenith Hobby Hockey 24 Box Case
    TAPE YOUR TOPLOADERS! Getting sick of lazy traders...
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    Ok 10-11 Zenith scans are posted , Again some redemptions not scanned as I already redemmed them. This case was fun to break , The finding of some of the National Treasures Rookie Autos made it worth the time.
    If you have never busted this product the National Treasures come from the Dare to Tear 5x7 cards and are extremly difficult to get. Needless to say they were all torn open. Thanks for the look.


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    Looks like you did really well on the Zenith! Congrats, Brad.

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    The Zenith case actually provided some bang for the buck and was fun to open. Although 24 boxes can get boring this one was not bad.
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