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    Looking for some LA Kings cards

    I'm for a bunch quite new LA Kings cards, hope that someone here might help me out in getting ahold of some of them:

    12-13 UD Day with the Cup
    #DC4 Jonathan Bernier
    #DC17 Mike Richards

    12-13 Certified
    Path to the cup
    Semi (jersey XX/99)
    4. Quick/Oshie

    Conference Final (jersey XX/50)
    3. Martinez / Bissonette
    4. Quick/Smith

    Final XX/25

    1. Kopitar/Elias
    2. Carter/Kovalchuk

    5. Williams/Brodeur

    Send a list of the ones you've got via PM and include your asking price too please. I'm wiling to pay generously for the ones I'm lacking.
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    I'm also interested in the:
    12-13 Certified "path to the cup" (especially jerseys & trophy)
    12-13 Certified "Stanley Cup Winners"

    I'll give generous prices for them, if you've got any of the ones I'm lacking. But still only LA Kings players.

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    I don't see it listed but I've got a 12-13 spgu Stanley cup final materials game 6 Jonathan Quick net cord if you're interested plmk!

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    Thanks for the offe, but I already have all the net cords-cards.

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    Update on what I'm looking for. Still hoping to complete these sets.

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