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    2012 Crown Royale, Ultra rare card pulled! Is this correct???

    Needing help from the board. I got an email today from Panini about the Knight's Tale Crown Royale break with Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez.

    In the break Carlos mentioned there were non-dye cut cards in the hobby boxes that were very rare.

    If I understood him correctly he said there are silver no dye cuts numbered to 5, Gold numbered to 4, Green numbered to 3, and Purple numbered to 2, and finally Blue which is a 1/1.

    Did anybody else watch the video? Am I correct?

    Reason I ask, I pulled a non-dye cut Drew Brees silver card from a break that was bent to pieces. I called Panini and spoke with Rocil but she did not know when I described the card to her what it was so she told me to turn it in as a common. I sent the card in on this past Monday, 1/7/13.

    I also pulled this card from another hobby store, so if I am right this should be numbered to four (4)

    Any comments or thoughts about this would help.

    Thanks to the board.

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    I'd like to know this as well. I picked up 3 boxes today from my LCS and pulled a Lavonte David (I guess silver parallel) that looks like the one you pulled. Also, when you get the Brees back LMK as i'd be interested in the card.

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    i opened 4 boxes and got an uncut ray lewis, I've seen some on ebay too and they dont bring too much money, with all that said i think they may not be as short-printed as we believe. i thought it was an error card too but because there is so many of them out there and such a wide variety of players, it must be intentional, the print-run i am unsure of because they are not numbered and they are more valuable than the base cards but I'm not sure if there is a maximum of only 5 of them made.

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    I just rewatched the Official Panini Amercia Blog , 2012 Crown Royals Football Stars Belated Edition break and in the video the product manager specifically says the non cut hobby cards are limited to 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 cards depending on the color of the card.

    That would make the White card I pulled limited to only four. It is odd that Panini would not number the cards but I guess that was a cost saving for them. I looked for a number on the card when I pulled it but there was not one.

    As for comments about them not selling well on ebay, I would guess and it is only a guess, that some collectors, just like me, thought these were some kind of error card that did not make it through the cutting machine. So it was not a big deal.

    When I pulled this White and the Brees cards, I didn't think they were anything special. I thought about throwing the Brees card away since it was bent, but since I kind of like him as a player I thought it was worth the $1.00 or so to send the card in for replacement. Not a clue it would be limited to five.

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