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Thread: ...Strata Box Break...

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    ...Strata Box Break...

    I purchased a box of 2012 Topps Strata yesterday, haven't busted anything in awhile so was pretty pumped up. So i start opening the packs, and in the first pack a couple of the cards are bent pretty bad. No worries didnt have any hits in there. Keep going, same thing bent cards, and going and going. Almost every single pack had a bent card in it. Honestly my biggest hit of the box was a Andrew Luck rookie but guess what its frickin Bent. My 3 hits were horrible some noname for a jersey and the 2 autographs were redemptions. . Worse box ever, i kept everything, i think topps(panini) will get a little email from me later. I will post some pictures up of the cards too. I would say about 80-90% of the box was damage. The lcs employee couldn't believe neither when i opened them there. the box wasnt damaged, must of been during the packaging.

    here is the damage:

    Almost every card is like this

    Hits of the box

    And the biggest hit,

    to my fricking bank account.

    No more for me until National Treasures
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    sorry about the wait guys but here are some pictures of that break

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    bump pictures have been added, email also has been sent to Topps

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    I have issues with damaged cards from both Topps and Panini. I will say in both cases they replaced any card that was damaged. I even had 1/1 replaced albeit with a different player of about the same value. This info come directly from the topps website at
    For missing and or Damaged

    Please note that the policy of the Topps Company
    regarding the request for missing product items for all current year products
    requires that the consumer include the following items with their submission:

    1) A letter of explanation
    2) A copy of sales receipt
    3) All
    pack wrappers & or mini boxes from the product
    4) The UPC code (bar
    code) from the Main box

    This should be sent to:

    The Topps
    Company, Inc.
    ATTN: Consumer Relations
    401 York Ave.
    Duryea, PA
    ATTN: Consumer Relations

    We will then review your issue and
    begin taking steps toward rectifying it, please allow 2-4 weeks for

    Scanning Items for Missing Hits :
    If you failed to
    receive a card within the stated odds printed on its respective packaging and
    have a scanner. Please contact Topps Customer Service electronically for
    replacements, eliminating the need to mail items in.

    Please email and include your name and
    address, along with digital pictures in PDF format which must include the UPC
    symbol from the box with either an "X" or hole punched through the center also
    please provide the date of submission written on the UPC, and a copy of the
    store receipt evidencing the purchase. Once we receive this email and confirm,
    we will expedite the process and ship your missing hit.

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    yea this was pretty much a whole box that was damaged i sent them an email just waiting for a response now

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    100 for strata, wow! im glad i got my buddies 3 boxes at 85! I also only payed 88 at the most for my boxes. Dang!

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    I'm guessing you live in Ontario or BC since the tax was 15 bucks. Makes me glad I'm in Alberta with a measley 5% sales tax. I'm sure they will just email you back asking you to send everything in to them. Good luck on that mess though.

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    Yeah that's terrible. I noticed some bent base cards in my boxes as well, pretty annoying and terrible quality control on Topps part. Seems like they really dropped the ball in general this year.

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