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    Question On Alfred Morris Autograph Cards

    Hey guys I see they have been selling for like 40-45 bucks on ebay. Any chance this price drops soon? He's my favorite player and is it worth it to get one now?

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    I doubt he's gonna go to far down. Probably stay about the same. He doesn't have nearly as many autos as the others so he should hold value pretty good for a while at least. Side note I have a momentum if interested

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    offseason, wait until the draft and people will be pursuing 2013 rookies in favor of what morris did. I hope he is a beast as i pulled his bowman sterling auto in my case! I like stories like this where the guy is a high pick and comes out of nowhere!

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    100% chance his cards will drop. They are inflated. He is a RB too. If he were to miss any time next year his stuff would decrease considerably. RB card values are very sensitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RG3NFL View Post
    is it worth it to buy one for 42 bucks
    Not if it will be $32 in April after the draft, and you can wait that long. Worst case: It's still $42ish in April. Best case: you save 25%.

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